Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 3: Eyes

Theme: Eyes
Vocabulary word: Iris
Shape: Diamond
Color: Blue
Number: 3
Letter: C
Nursery Rhyme:Lavender's Blue
Field Trip: Optometrist

Construction paper facial features taped on the wall started out as a fun way to play "pin the eyes on the face". A however, did not like the blindfold and turned our game into a discussion of feelings; "Mama the face is happy make him smile, The face is sad make him frown, This face is silly, etc...". We closely observed the eyes and learned how to identify the iris and pupil. Eventually this turned into a game of face having boogers, a cough, and other yucky elements. The big finale and end of face as we knew him was when he abruptly got his brows and lip waxed. Ouch! 

Shadow play was an activity we did to learn more about light refraction.A sheet simply draped over our shelving unit and a shadeless lamp provided two hours of entertainment.

Bed Sheet draped over shelving provides backdrop for our shadows.

What am I?

Perfectly timed shot of A's jumping shadow.

Learning about shadows and bending light, opened up the opportunity further our discussion about color. We sat up lamps with different colored light bulbs and mixed the emitted colored light on our sheet.

Mama had a follow up appointment with her eye doctor who was kind enough to let A look through the phoropter and do an activity with a pediatric Snellen chart. The whole car ride home he was chanting "cover right eye, cover left" and following through with the motions. He's been pointing to all the characters in his books and differentiating between their left and right eyes.

Eye week was a lot of fun. I have a feeling we will be finding googly eyes, from our craft projects, for a very long time.


  1. Do you make up your own curriculum or are you following something? I like your themes! :-)

  2. Hi April,

    I'm loosely basing what we do off of some concepts I found on the brightly beaming website. If you click on the learning tab there is a link to there explanation of the preparatory curriculum that I've been getting ideas off of.