Sunday, November 13, 2011

Patti's Festival of Lights

Taking advantage of the warm weather, the C family visited Patti's Festival of Lights in Grand Rivers, KY.    
Original article from Patti's Settlement

Festival of Light
Patti's 1880's Settlement? But, it’s always been Patti's 1880's Restaurant! Well it was... It still is. Only today there's so much more. In 1975, Bill, Patti and the kids stopped in Grand Rivers. We fell in love with the Land Between the Lakes area, and the dream of having a special place took hold. 
Miss PattiThe original Hamburger Patti's was a block building that was part of a 6-unit motel. It quickly outgrew its walls. With the Tullar family working together, motel units gradually gave way to become dining rooms. The upstairs room and uni-sex lavatory (with my treasured cast-iron, footed bathtub and Indian Joe) was the Tullars’ personal living room and bath. Patti's 1880's Restaurant was on its way.
Great food and great presentation at great prices is Patti’s claim to success but as Chip, (the oldest) always said, “There has to be more to create a truly memorable impression.”
Bill soon got tired of being called Mr. Patti, so the boys built him a restaurant of his own in 1990. Mr. Bill’s was designed for bus tours in mind, with entertainment. Bill’s had Honky Tonk piano players, and four saloon girls for the hostess and servers.
Bill’s had a down home menu that fit right in. But Patti’s continued to grow, and needed more room so Mr. Bill’s” lost out and became part of Patti’s 1880’s Restaurant. Today Mr. Bill’s has the same food, same servers. Everything is the same except the room size.
Our two restaurants serve over 350,000 people in our little town of 350 people. They come from all over for our great food, beautiful gardens and Patti’s great Southern hospitality. With our log cabin gift shops, animal park for viewing, streams, fountains, Arielle’s miniature golf, rock climbing wall and remote controlled boats we needed a meaningful name that would describe it all.
 November 11th is the Beginning of Patti's Festival of Lights. Patti's Settlement Festival of Lights will run through the First week of January. Outside Hundreds of Thousands of Christmas Lights glow and twinkle and Put on a Show for all to Enjoy. While Inside the Restaurants and Gift Stores there are hundreds of trees and garlands loaded with ornaments and lights too!

 Enjoy our photos!


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