Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 First Snow

Western Kentucky's first snow of the Holiday Season didn't wait until December to strike, good thing we rushed out to play because the snow melted off within 2 hours.

Black and White mode on my camera almost made it look like a winter wonderland
Truth be told, is was the most "colorful" snow I've ever experienced. It's like God decided to paint autumn with some powdered sugar.

'A' modeling the new winter coat he picked out. Purple camo accentuated with orange zipper and faux fur rimmed hood keep this toddler warm and stylish.

And of course, no toddler camo winter coat is complete without fireman boots

Baby's first snow
"eh eh oooh ahh"
Ba-by it's cooold outside!

Taking it all in.

Decides to haul neighborhood cat around in the wagon.

Trying to capture the huge chunky flakes. Photo just doesn't do them justice.

In celebration we followed up the snowy morning with an afternoon trip to the library, 22 Christmas books later, and a large peppermint latte from a favorite coffee shop, I think we are officially ready for winter.


  1. The 2nd pic of H going eh oh eh oh... Awww, those lips and captivating eyes! <3 What a great picture.

  2. In theory I'm jealous - but I"m sure we'll get enough snow up here for me to get my own soon enough :)