Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mechanics with Grandpa

My Dad came over this past weekend to help with some car repairs which resulted in a grand total of $150 in parts, a small price to pay considering Sears quoted an estimate of $1100 to do the same repairs. We're now thoroughly educated on what it takes to replace a brake caliper.

Today A, our 3 year old, explained to me how he helped Papa D lift the car off the ground with his 3 ton car jack. He demonstrated by putting a stick under his toy dump truck and pumping with arms exclaiming,
"I'm so strong. Super Andrew and Super Papa make van float so high. Look Mommy my truck is sick. It dis broke-n, we make it all better!"

Car repairs are certainty memorable activities for little boys.



Monday, March 26, 2012

48th Annual Dogwood Trail Celebration

We went on a driving/walking tour of the 48th Annual Dogwood Trail Celebration , this years theme is "Let's Light Up Paducah and Salute Our Troops". The trees are absolutely gorgeous this year.

The purple dogwood trail signs placed along the route

Storm rolling in