Monday, December 12, 2011

Ziploc Art Quilt

Photo courtesy of pinterest
Another idea I found on Pinterest,

Gallon Ziploc bags + Duck tape = An art quilt! Art work slides in the back. You won't see where it says Ziploc because that is on the back side!  -Pinterest
We are finding many purposes for this plastic quilt beyond just an display. 
  • It is a great way to display our messy glitter crafts that tend to constantly flake glitter onto the floor. 
  • It serves as an easy clean up mat for play dough
  • You can fill each square with different messy solutions, finger paint, soap/water, glitter/water, mud, play dough, etc and seal the back of the bags with plumbers tape for all kinds of gushy contained fun.
  • You can create your quilt as large or small as you want and are only limited to the amount of bags and tape on hand. 
  • You can trace letters, numbers, with dry erase markers on it
  • Our 8 month old enjoys scooting across it
  • A giant math manipulative
  • Giant checker/chess board (when made with the appropriate amount of squares)
  • Hang it on the wall for a giant mural
  • Set it on the floor for a decorative rug
Our very own 2x3 Ziploc Art Quilt.
  If you don't want wrinkles in your tape I don't recommend trying to make this in the presence of your newly mobile baby and two year old :D Make sure the labeled side of the bag is facing the floor. Tape the top of the bags. If you want to fill each bag with messy solutions make sure you reinforce the filled bag with plumbers tape.

Art on Display

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