Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 5: Moon

Theme: Moon
Vocabulary word: Full
Shape/Color: Crescent/Silver
Field Trip: Nightly observations of the moon from our driveway.

Highlights from moon week include nightly observations of the moon, identifying the phases of the moon with Oreo cookies, playing catch with "the man in the moon"- a face drawn on one of those giant balls you get from Walmart, making the moon with ornaments and duct tape, cranking up Michael Jackson and moon walking, and eating crescent rolls. We practiced drawing the big and little letter "e" in moon sand.

Got this idea/photo from the sweet treats blog, click image for link, it was a big hit with A. I'm kind of thrilled that he knows what a waxing gibbous is.
Last but certainly not least, no moon study is complete with out watching this.

Wax on. Wane off.

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