Friday, December 16, 2011

Fake Santa

 When you're nine months old what's not love about Santa? He's soft, plump, wears bright colors, and his, "Ho Ho Ho", of jolly laughter isn't too far outside of your vocabulary. But of all the wonderful things about Santa the most important, in the eyes of my youngest child, is the beard. Baby H and those that know him consider him to be an expert in the field of pulling hair. Hear sudden howling in our home and one can almost guarantee it's Baby H's most recent victim in his favorite game of tangle and tug.

The thing about this particular Santa is he is the first person in H's life that doesn't seem to react to being tugged. He can't even get a "Ho Ho Ho" out of him upon yanking.

" I tugged your beard Santa, you should do something! Tug! Tug! Tug! Tug! Ugh...all your doing is looking at the camera can you not FEEL the power of my awesome baby hands? C'mon, you're no fun. Can I get a Ho, Ho, Ho? You really should  feel that. Are you fake?"

" Hey Santa, My Big bro isn't impressed with you either. He's upset that he can't hear the bell. We don't believe in you"

"Fake Santa, no tips for you!"

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